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Li Wei


Personal Statement:


The modes of my creation during this period are the graphic works which are painted manually in a large amount of time. 

In the mode of creation, painting manually means that works would be finished during a long process, but it is the way that I must choose. In my opinion, the trace left on the picture through a long process and a long period will make the picture more heavy and profound. Just like the belief, it is invisible but it must have a religious ceremony. The process of painting manually is the ceremony of my works.

Another works titled "Sound of Snow." This is Chinese watercolour ink on silk. My entire body of work to date has primarily been centered on nature, mountains and water, trees and grass, and so on. These subject matters are close to my heart, because I feel Mother Nature is full of richness and beauty. I can continuously be nourished and inspired by elements of nature. To capture nature in art is a very interesting thing for me. The rendition/interpretation may be deep or it may be shallow, and it may have connections to everything in the world. Nature is alive. Through nature I can experience birth and life, illnesses and death, the ebbs and flow of history, the compassion and indifference of humankind.

In brief, no matter for which series of works, I all follow my inner feelings and record something cold, sticky, stinking, heavy, desolate, quiet, carefree, continuous, hard, fragmented, scarce, silent, empty and hasty……on by one. They are put together and endowed with meanings by each other. They correct the smell of each other. Each one of them leads me to wander between the positive and the negative and keep lingering, one by one and never stop……