1979    Born in Harbin,Heri Longjiang Province, China




1999 Graduated from TheHigh School of China Academy of Fine Arts       Hangzhou China

2003 Graduated from The Oil Painning Department of Nanjing Institute of the Arts       Nanjing China

2007 Obtained the Master degree of The Mural Department of The Central Academy of Fine Arts

Beijing China



Solo Exhibition

2020 Whisperings, curated by Michel Baudson, Galerie Alice Mogabgab, Brussels

2016 Whisperings- Li Wei ,  Alice Mogabgab Gallery ,   Beirut, Lebanon

2015 Affect/Effect -TRansformation In The Work Of Li We    Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai China

2015 From Autumn Leaf Roll-Li Wei Solo Exhibition      Mingtai Space  Beijing China

2015 Serenity Foresight  -Solo Exhibition of Li We       Nanjing Shi Zhu Zhai   Nanjing   China

2013 On the Horizon Solo Exhibition of Li Wei, Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai China

2012 "Matter of the Invisible"Solo Exhibition of Li Wei      In-Shine Gallery  Beijing  China

2011 "Matter of the Invisible"Solo Exhibition of Li Wei   Life of Circle Art Space  Hongkong China                                                                              

2011 Winding-LiWei’s solo Exhibition 2011     Beyond Art Space  Beijing China

2009 Simple Complicated Solo Exhibition Tour of LiWei      GeFeng Contemporary Gallery,22ART District   Shenzhen   China

2009 Simple Complicated Solo Exhibition Tour of LiWei     Nantong Central Art Museum   Nantong   China

2009 Simple Complicated Solo Exhibition of Li Wei       Today Art Museum   Beijing   China




2021 Youth——Yunnan Literature and Art Museum Youth Art Incubator Project and Youth National Young Artist Nomination Exhibition  Yunnan Literature and Art Museum Yunnan China

2020 CHINA FUTURE –The third Nomination Exhibition of Bamboo Art young artists  Jiangsu Xuanhe Art Museum  Nanjing  China

2020 Love-Young artists exhibition Shanghai mart exhibition center Shanghai China

2020 That Cedar Being cut down –Group exhibition with 14artists  Galerie Alice Mogabgab,    Beirut, Lebanon

2020 WATER— Chinese contemporary female artists exhibition(online)  ACCA Gallery  Los Angeles  USA

2020  INFINITY ATTITUDE  Cuardian Art Center   Beijing   China

2017 From Icarus To Twitter: Contemporary Allegories  Galerie Alice Mogabgab,        Beirut, Lebanon

2017 Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2017  Literati Artspace HongKong

2017 Youth Ink Yearbook 2017  WanYing Art Museum  Shijiazhuang  China

2016 Dots And Pixels  Galerie Alice Mogabgab,    Beirut, Lebanon

2016 Pleasant Diversion-Appreciation,Enjoyment And Living Drama Exhibition , Viki Lulu House , Su Zhou ,China

2016 Art Central Hong Kong  Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Hong Kong China

2016 Zao Hua –Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition   204Art Space  Melbourne  Australia

2016  Zao Hua –Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition   Salamanca Arts Centre Hobart Australia

2015 The Diaspora of Being                            Pakistan

2015 Nanjing International Youth Art Biennial     Jinling Art Museum     Nanjing     China

2015 Silent Poetry-Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition   Delegation of the European Union  Beijing China

2015 Silent Poetry-Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition   Adelaide Festival Cemtre   Adelaide Austrilia

2015 Silent Poetry-Chinese Contemporary Ink  University  Museum And Art Gallery   HK  China

2015  Silent Poetry-Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition  China Cultural in Sydney   Sydeny  Australia

2014 The Ode to Youth —— China - Korea Young Artists Exhibition    Hongik Museum of Art     Korea

2014  Extra - ordinary      Agricultural Exhibition Centre    Beijing China

2014 All About Stories     Joy Place  Levi the Art Povilion   Beijing  China

2014 IN SILENCE- China Contemporary Art     Sydeny Lower Townhall    Sydeny  Australia

2014   New Face New works     K11 Art Mall  HongKong    Hong Kong  China

2014  Dialectical Territories: Landscapes and abstracion     Intelligentsia Gallery    Beijing    China

2013 Context Of Contemporary Art -2013 China Annual Art Critics Nominated Exhibition    Xi An  Art Museum  Xi An  China

2013 New Face,New Art - Chinese Emerging Contemporary Artists    Colorado State University-Pueblo Fine Art Gallery    Denver  U.S

2013 The sixth   Cheng du Biennale    Cheng du Contemporary Art Museum   Cheng du China 

2013 Art Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais, Paris, France, Galerie Alice Mogabgab

2013  Endless Emerging      Gallary  Y.S.T     Hongkong   China

2013 The Glory of Flora,      Galerie Alice Mogabgab,    Beirut, Lebanon  

2013   Undercurrent      New  Sight Space   Beijing  China

2013  Starting   Anew      Dialogue Space      Beijing   China

2012 Art Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais, Paris, France, Galerie Alice Mogabgab

2012 Animal, curated by Luc Jacquet, Galerie Alice Mogabgab, Beirut, Lebanon

2012   Recommendation Exhibition of Art Nova 100 2012 Art Beijing Art Fair

2012   Inequality——Chinese Young Artists Group Exhibition  New Sight Space Shanghai   China

2012  Water Stain on the Wall——Form of  load      Zhejiang  Museum  of  Art    Hangzhou  China 

2012  CHINA:Memories &Imagination    ALBEMARLE  Gallery   London   U.K

2011 Art Forward-A Survey Exhibition of Young Artist     Taiyuan  Chinese Businessman   Museum   Taiyuan   China

2011"  Micro- Life "  Tour      Soka  Art  Center     Taiwan  China 

2011 Art Nova 100 Project   "Art Nova 100"Orgnizing Committee  Beijing's Ditan Park  Beijing China ;  Jinhan Exhibition Centre ,Guangzhou;Shanghai  International Sculpture Exhibition Center

2011 BOUNDLESS-Young Ink Painters Guest Exhibition     Agricultural Exhibition Centre  Beijing China

2011"  Micro- Life "     Soka  Art  Center     Beijing   China     

2011 "From Trees to Forest"     Galerie  Alice  Mogabgab     Beyrouth   Lebanon

2011 Infinite Multiply,Visual case-2011 Contemporary Female Artist Invitational Exhibition, Shenzhen Guanshanyue Museum, Shenzhen  China

2011 Optical via Invisibility – Li wei  Shang Yixin Dual Exhibition   In-shine Gallery Beijing China

2010 Beyond Fashion,-1st Crossover between Young Chinese Fashion Designers and Young Chinese Artists      Beyond Art Space Beijing China

2010  Whisper of the wind ,Chinese Artist Group Exhibition   Beyond Art Space Beijing China

2010  The city : manufacturing urban landscapes   Art+Shanghai Gallery   Shanghai  China

2010  Art Beijing2010 Contemporary Art Fair Thematic Exhibition     Agricultural Exhibition Centre  Beijing China

2009 Art Beijing2009 Contemporary Art Fair Thematic Exhibition- Art Unforbidden    Agricultural Exhibition Centre  Beijing China

2009 The Original State,2009 Art Beijing Extension-Heiqiao Studio No.1     Heiqiao Studio No.1    Beijing China

2009 METROPOLIS NOW -A Selection of Chinese Contemporary Art     Meridian international center   Washington  U.S.A

2008   MY OWN WAY–Recommended Young Artists Exhibition    SZ Art Center   Beijing China

2008    heiqiao No.1 open studio,2008 Art Beijing Extension     Beijing   China

2008   Acdemic and Un-acdemic Exhibition Yibo Gallery     Shanghai  China

2008   The first Moon River sculpture festival "source"    Moon River Museum of Modern Art     Beijing  China

2007  Melt state      Sea whale gallery     Shanghai  China

2007  Infinite Horizons     Ku Art Center      Beijing  China



Guan Shan Yue Art Museum


 Nantong Central Art Museum


Deutsche Bank Collection


DSL Collection


Cheng Du Contemporary Art Museum




First Prize of The Central Academy of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition